Severin's enthusiasm for networking with individuals led him to become more active in the tech community. He assisted with the organization of a PHP user between 2015-2017 and has recently reactivated the OKC Design + Tech, a UX user group, in Oklahoma City. Before participating in the design and tech community, Severin was the president of the local Enactus chapter for student entrepreneurs; he currently serves as an Alumni member.


Severin mentors designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs wherever he goes. He believes in project-based mentorship that encourages actionable goals.

“I believe mentorship is another human-centric activity. Mentorship is not about displaying your knowledge—it is about navigating career pain points with your mentee, whether individual or organizational.” — Kerry Severin
"Kerry is such a nice guy. He listens to you to understand your context and gives you feedback in a very friendly way. I felt very comfortable listening to the improvement areas he pointed out. It's always good to have people like him sharing their experiences because it helps us to look at things from a different angle. Also, he doesn't speak that fast, which is awesome for no native English speakers."
— C. Venancio, UX Designer
"I met twice with Kerry and found his guidance very insightful and helpful. He guided me through the step of conducting the whiteboard challenge and gave me the materials to help me to improve. Kerry is a fantastic mentor!!! He is so pleased to talk with and I would definitely recommend him!"
— V. Lee, UX Designer
"Wow my mentoring session with mr Kerry was very awesome I really learnt a lot from him, He is a good listener he tries his best to understand what probelm you are going through and gives you the best support you need even though it's just a motivation speech or something related it really goes a long way especially for newbies like me..."
— B. Adediwura, Product/Web Designer


Here are some events Severin has assisted with organizing.

OKC Design + Tech